Patent Number: 6,307,926

Title: System for detection and prevention of telecommunications fraud prior tocall connection

Abstract: An improved system for detecting and preventing telecommunications fraudprior to call connection, in which attempted calls are screened for fraudat the point of calling card validation in the SCP. The SCP accesses adatabase holding a variety of fraud decision nodes that may beinterrelated and grouped together to cooperatively define fraud screeningtrees against which attempted calls may be tested. A fraud screening treeultimately produces a fraud prediction based on a variety of informationconcerning the attempted call. The present invention therefore facilitatesfraud screening with greater granularity and customization.

Inventors: Barton; Richard Hillix (Foster City, CA), Abbasi; Zahid Ali (Overland Park, KS), Allen; Isaac Shane (Lee's Summit, MO)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013