Patent Number: 6,307,945

Title: Radio-based hearing aid system

Abstract: A personal radio-based hearing aid system is provided. The hearing aidsystem interfaces with existing hearing aids using the "T" facility. Thesystem comprises a switchable unidirectional or omnidirectionalmicrophone; a line input; and an FM radio transmitter. The components arehoused in a discrete hand-held unit with integral stand, and a FM receiverunit connected to an inductive loop to form a discrete pendant andnecklace. The prime use of said system is to give the user greater controlover his environment by using the system to compensate for the loss ofnatural aural focus. The system addresses the problems of a "backgroundnoise" by capturing the desired sounds by selection

Inventors: Hall; Andrew James Jamieson (Nelson, GB)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013