Patent Number: 6,307,947

Title: Low profile speaker enclosure

Abstract: A low profile speaker enclosure for mounting on a structure including aspeaker housing and an electroacoustical transducer is disclosed. Thespeaker housing has a front face and a back each defining a length and awidth, and a plurality of sides substantially separating the front faceand the back and defining a thickness of the speaker housing. In thepreferred embodiment, the front face and the back are substantiallyparallel. The front face, the back, and the plurality of sides of thespeaker housing substantially define a chamber. The front face defines aspeaker aperture opening into the chamber. The electroacousticaltransducer is mounted in the speaker aperture. At least one of the sidesdefines a side aperture. The back of the low profile speaker enclosuredefines a channel and defines a back aperture providing an opening betweenthe channel and the chamber. The side aperture is also defined by thechannel. The structure at least partially encloses the channel andprovides a pathway between the chamber and an exterior environment forincreased acoustic performance.

Inventors: Wiener; David (Park City, UT)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013