Patent Number: 6,307,948

Title: Information processing system for audio and visual transmission system

Abstract: In an information processing system provided with a camera and amicrophone, for transmitting and receiving information of a user to andfrom another information processing system through a transmission lime,image data of the user obtained by a camera is stored in a memory inadvance. When one user communicates another user, image data of the oneuser is obtained by the camera and is synthesized with the image datastored in the memory in advance by image-processing. The clothes, hair,background, make-up etc. of the one user are made different to reality andthe image data are transmitted to the another user in the communication.

Inventors: Kawasaki; Yuji (Kanagawa, JP), Koyama; Jun (Kanagawa, JP), Ishi; Futoshi (Kanagawa, JP), Yamazaki; Shunpei (Tokyo, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013