Patent Number: 6,307,957

Title: Multispectral imaging and characterization of biological tissue

Abstract: A light image is conveyed from a biological tissue through a flexibleoptical system to an image receiver, where it is converted to a form whichmay be entered into a computer. The computer segments the image bygenerating a segmentation mask defining the boundary of a region ofinterest in at least one spectral band, estimates at least onerotationally and translationally invariant statistical measure ofcoefficient distributions of the multiscale wavelet maxima representationsof the digital images in at least one spectral band, characterizes thecondition of the tissue based on the estimated values, and outputs thecharacterization of the condition of the tissue.

Inventors: Gutkowicz-Krusin; Dina (Princeton, NJ), Elbaum; Marek (Dobbs Ferry, NY), Greenebaum; Michael (Brooklyn, NY), Jacobs; Adam (Woodcliff Lake, NJ), Bogdan; Alexandru (New York, NY)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013