Patent Number: 6,307,958

Title: Method and system for building a database for use with selective incentivemarketing in response to customer shopping histories

Abstract: A system and method is disclosed for retail store marketing. A memorystores a database of existing customers of the retail store. The databaseincludes a unique customer identification code for each customer. A memorystores a list of unique identification codes for prospective customers ofthe store who reside in a predetermined geographical area relative to thestore. Circuitry compares the unique identification codes in the storeddatabase of existing customers with the stored list of uniqueidentification codes of prospective customers. Circuitry eliminates datafrom the list of prospective customers relating to the store's existingcustomers, such that a non-customer database is produced for use inmarketing.

Inventors: Deaton; David W. (Abilene, TX), Gabriel; Rodney G. (Abilene, TX)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013