Patent Number: 6,307,975

Title: Image coding technique employing shape and texture coding

Abstract: An image coding apparatus and method code an object image by separating theobject image into a shape representing the outline of the object image anda texture representing the pixel values of the object image. The codedobject image is decoded by an image decoding apparatus and method adaptedfor the image coding apparatus and method. The image decoding apparatusand method generate a shape code by coding the shape in predeterminedunits, generate a texture code by coding the texture in predeterminedunits, and generate a synchronization code with respect to the shape codefor each predetermined unit and the texture code for each predeterminedunit. The generated synchronization code is added to the shape code foreach predetermined unit and the texture code for each predetermined unit,which thus provides codes enabling restoration from an erroneouscondition.

Inventors: Hosaka; Kazuhisa (Saitama, JP), Yagasaki; Yoichi (Kanagawa, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013