Patent Number: 6,308,330

Title: Fire escape mask

Abstract: A smoke mask includes a moistened generally planar mask constructed of amoisture absorbing material that is sized to cover the nose and mouth of auser. A peripheral edge of the mask includes a pressure sensitive adhesivefor securing the mask to the face of the user. At least one slit in theperipheral edge of the mask enables the mask to adapt to the contour ofthe face of the user for obtaining a tight fit of the mask. The mask isused in combination with a pull apart storage structure having first andsecond generally planar sealing sheets. The sealing sheets are attached toeach other along an outer peripheral edge for forming a moistureimpermeable hollow interior in which the moistened mask is disposed.

Inventors: Hollander; David (Brooklyn, NY), Pisani; Anthony F. (Hasbrouck Heights, NJ)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013