Patent Number: 6,308,335

Title: Extrication harness apparatus having suspender assembly

Abstract: A harness strap assembly is adapted to be incorporated into the inner linerof the pants of a firefighter's turnout suit without requiring structuralmodification thereof. The harness strap assembly, when installed,comprises a single length of webbed strap (or, preferably, a securelyinterconnected bifurcated length) that is wound forward around the user'swaist through waist belt-loops suspended from a suspender assembly; thendown through loops suspended at the crotch of the pant liner; thence backaround under the user's buttocks; then through loops suspended at boththigh areas of the liner; and finally back forward to the fly area of theliner. Adjacent to the fly of the liner, the crotch portions of the strappass through a pair of metal or fabric carabiner-holding rings that areattached to the ends of the harness strap. The carabiner-holding rings, inturn, are interlinked (by means of a strap) with a metal carabiner ofconventional design.

Inventors: Colorado; Juancarlos (Petaluma, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013