Patent Number: 6,308,345

Title: Headrest for workers, belayers or physically impaired persons

Abstract: The headrest provides support to the person's head, thereby relieving neck fatigue and other various discomforts. A one-piece headrest (10) is formed as a single piece and includes a back mounted support plate (14) having concave central body portion (16) and side wings (17 and 18) which straddle the person's spine to increase comfort, reduce movement of the head rest, and increase stability of the back mounted support plate when attached to the person's upper back. The second embodiment is a two-piece headrest (110) that includes a separate head support portion (120) and a back mounted support plate (114). The head support portion is pivotally connected to the back mounted support plate and a spring (125) urges the head support portion toward the person's head so that support can be provided to the person's head over a continuous angle range of backwardly tilted head positions. A locking mechanism (130) can be provided which enables the person to fix the angular position of the head support portion (112). Three strap systems have been developed for use by individuals using the headrest for different applications; belayers wearing a belayer's climbing harness, workmen wearing a tool belt attached to the waist, and persons using leg straps. The straps releasably attach to the climbing harness, tool belt or leg straps.

Inventors: Williams, Jr.; James D. (Homer, AK)


International Classification: A41D 13/05 (20060101); A41D 013/00 (); A61F 005/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018