Patent Number: 6,308,370

Title: Adhesive spreader

Abstract: A spreader for use in spreading a bed of predetermined thickness ofadhesive material on a prepared floor surface prior to the laying oftiles. The spreader comprises a rectangular planar portion (2) having aserrated lower longitudinal edge (4) and flanges (6 and 8) extendingsubstantially at right angles from the transverse edges of the rectangularplanar portion (2). The flanges provide a barrier allowing a mass ofadhesive to lie in front of the serrated edge (4) and between the flanges(6 and 8) as the spreader is drawn over the surface of the surface to betiled. As the spreader is drawn over the surface the adhesive flows underthe serrated edge thereby providing an even application of adhesive acrossthe full width of the spreader. A height adjuster comprising an adjustablegauge (28) is provided as is a handle (10) or elongate handle (50) forconvenient use by the tiler.

Inventors: Southby; Roydon Charles (Hope Valley, South Australia, 5090, AU)


International Classification:

Expiration Date: 10/32013