Patent Number: 6,308,372

Title: Mounting structure of wiper apparatus

Abstract: A wiper apparatus including right and left hand pivot shafts and a wipermotor are incorporated into an integrated modular type holder member. Amounting section having a generally trapezoidal configuration is formed ona pivot holder to extend therefrom outwardly with respect to one of thepivot shafts. The wiper apparatus includes a trapezoidal insertion hole ona vehicle body side. The mounting section is inserted into the insertionhole loosely in a tilted posture when the pivot holder takes a mountingposture, and for mounting the wiper apparatus, using, as a lever, asupporting portion formed on the vehicle body side, the mounting sectionis pressed against an upper edge of the insertion hole having a smallerdimension.

Inventors: Abe; Jun (Ashikaga, JP)


International Classification:

Expiration Date: 10/32013