Patent Number: 6,308,374

Title: Air filtering self-propelled upright vacuum cleaner

Abstract: Disclosed is a unique and novel air filtering, self-propelled uprightvacuum cleaner. The filtration system utilizes a HEPA-rated air filter asa final filtering element. The disclosed vacuum cleaner contains numerousother features including a self-propelled drive mechanism.

Inventors: Bobrosky; Vincent L. (Normal, IL), Eisenmenger; Richard J. (Urbana, IL), Huebsch; John A. (Bloomington, IL), Kontio; Christer T. (Bloomington, IL), Mulcahy; Joseph L. (Bloomington, IL), Reimer; William R. (Normal, IL), Toohill; Timothy P. (LeRoy, IL)


International Classification:

Expiration Date: 10/32013