Patent Number: 6,308,377

Title: Hinged electronic device

Abstract: A hinged, at least two-parted, electronic device. The hinge of the devicecomprises a tapered hinge pin (140) supported to a first turning part(110) and, matching with the pin, a tapered bowl (170) fixed to a secondturning part (120+130), against which bowl the hinge pin rubs pushed by aspring (150). The hinge pin has as an extension of the tapered section acylindrical section. When the hinge pin and/or the tapered bowl are wornthe hinge pin (140) sinks deeper in the tapered bowl maintaining itsfriction properties essentially unchanged. The device preferably comprisesalso a second hinge (190+191,160), and the spring preferably continuesforming the hinge axis of the second hinge (160). The hinge constructionpreferably comprises also means for passing a thin coaxial cable (CBL)from the base of the hinge to the vicinity of the hinge line to a sectionessentially parallel with the hinge line. In this way the coaxial cableconnecting the turning parts can be made to twist on a section of itslength and the strain directed at a length unit of the cable can bereduced to an acceptable level.

Inventors: Maatta; Esa (Tampere, FI)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013