Patent Number: 6,308,378

Title: Frictional gripping arrangement for a power tool handle

Abstract: An arrangement of frictional gripping zones on the handle of a power toolis disclosed. The power tool has a main body portion and a handle portiondepending from the main body portion. The handle portion includes a firstside region, a second side region opposite the first side region, a rearregion connecting the first and second side regions along a rear of thehandle portion, and a front region connecting the first and second sideregions along a front of the handle portion. A plurality of alternatingfirst and second gripping zones extend longitudinally along each of thefirst and second side regions of the handle portion. The first grippingzones are made the first gripping zones being made from a first materialand the second gripping zones are made from a second material differentfrom the first material. Preferably, the material of the second grippingzones have a hardness greater than the material of the first grippingzones. Furthermore, a third gripping zone is made from the second materialand extends longitudinally along substantially the entire front and rearregions of the tool handle. The first gripping zones are preferably sizedand configured to correspond to the contour of the power tool handle toprovide the user with an efficient frictional gripping when operating thepower tool.

Inventors: Mooty; Tom (Jackson, TN), Clowers; Earl (Anderson, SC), Etter; Mark (Jackson, TN), Gist; Daily (Jackson, TN), Lagaly; Michael (Jackson, TN)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013