Patent Number: 6,308,393

Title: Method of fabricating a terminal mechanism

Abstract: The remote control assembly 10 is characterized by a terminal mechanism 34including a tubular anchor member 36 slidably supported on a tubularfitting 22 extending from the conduit 14. The anchor member 36 is securedto the outer end 30 of a rod 26 extending form the core element 12 and isdisposed in close sliding relationship about the tubular fitting 22. Theterminal mechanism 34 also includes a tubular connector member 44 and acoil spring 46. The connector member 44 is in telescoping relationshipwith the anchor member 36 and the spring 46 biases the connector member 44in an extending direction yet for provides lost motion between the rod 26and the control member in response to a predetermined collapsing force. Aresilient cushion 48 is disposed in the connector member 44 for cushioningcollapsing movement of the connector member 44 over the anchor member 36.There is also disclosed a method of fabricating the terminal mechanismcomprising the steps of sliding a rod end 38 of the tubular anchor member36 into an open end of the tubular connector member 44, establishing anabutment coacting between the connector member 44 and the anchor member 36for limiting movement of the connector member 44 to a fully extendedposition in relationship to the anchor member 36, placing a coil spring 46about tile anchor member 36 and the connector member 44 to bias theconnector member 44 to the fully extended position from the anchor member36, sliding the anchor member 36 over the tubular fitting 22 extendingfrom the conduit 14, and connecting the rod end 38 of the anchor member 36to tile outer end 30 of the rod 26.

Inventors: Haynes; Robert (Perkasie, PA), Benditt; Ronnie (Horsham, PA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013