Patent Number: 6,308,404

Title: Apparatus and method for lifting two axles onto a vehicle chassis

Abstract: A pair of axles are mechanically lifted onto the underside of a vehicle chassis to facilitate an axle-mounting process. The lifting action is achieved with a scissors jack that is powered by a hydraulic cylinder supplied with hydraulic fluid from an accumulator. The accumulator is initially charged by a hydraulic pump that is driven by an air motor.

Inventors: Hirschmann; David F. (Romeo, MI), Hui; Anna (Rochester Hills, MI)

Assignee: DaimlerChrysler Corporation

International Classification: B62D 65/00 (20060101); B62D 65/12 (20060101); B62D 65/18 (20060101); B23P 019/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018