Patent Number: 6,308,406

Title: Method for forming an electrical conductive circuit on a substrate

Abstract: At least one conductive circuit 46 is formed on a substrate 12 that has aconductive layer 28 and a cover layer 40 bonded thereto. The conductivecircuit 46 is formed by the severing of the conductive layer 28 into aconductive circuit 46 and a remaining portion 48 by a cutting edge of acutting tool 50. The edge of the tool also causes the severed edges of theconductive path and the remaining portion to form a gap 52. An electricalinsulating coating 54 covers the cover layer while filling the gaps 52.The insulator coating 54 is allowed to set for maintaining separation andintegrity of the conductive path 46. The method of the present inventionlends itself to manual, semi-automatic and/or automatic production ofdiscrete articles.

Inventors: Gill; Peter L. (Hackettstown, NJ), Ramsey; Joseph W. (East Hanover, NJ)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013