Patent Number: 6,308,411

Title: Truck cab sidewall and method for making the same

Abstract: A sidewall skin is provided having a front edge, rear edge, top edge, andbottom edge, and a first exterior side and a second interior side. Aninwardly directed front flange is provided along the front edge, and aninwardly directed flange is also provided along the top edge. The sidewallskin has a inwardly stepped transition region spaced rearwardly of thefront edge. A rear corner is formed in the skin at a location forwardly ofthe rear edge and rearwardly of the transition region. A portion of theskin between the rear edge and rear corner forms part of the back wall ofthe truck cab. The sidewall skin is preferably adhesively secured to asidewall framework with fasteners being virtually eliminated during thesidewall assembly process. The adhesive may be heat cured, which mayinvolve a first partial heat curing step to provide the sidewall withhandling strength followed by a second heat curing step. The second stepis typically accomplished during curing of paint after a truck cab isassembled.

Inventors: Wright, Jr.; Homer Franklin (Vancouver, WA), Kalstiantz; Edmond (Beaverton, OR), Hill; James Edward (West Linn, OR)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013