Patent Number: 6,308,416

Title: Surface conforming shaving razor and handle therefor

Abstract: A shaving razor including a handle and three blade units each connected tothe handle by a respective mounting structure that provides a pivotalconnection of the blade unit to the mounting structure about a pivot axisthat is transverse to the cutting edge, and also provides controlled upand down movement of the blade unit thereby permitting each blade unit toconform to the contour of a surface being shaved. The handle has an indexfinger indent on a top surface, and thumb indent on the bottom surface,and is shaped to match the curvature of a user's hand.

Inventors: Bosy; Brian J. (Framingham, MA), Chenvainu; Alexander T. (Brookline, MA), Lodato; Franco (Walpole, MA), Pappas; David L. (Waltham, MA), Ramaswamy; Rajan (Sant Cugat Barcelona, ES)


International Classification:

Expiration Date: 10/32013