Patent Number: 6,308,418

Title: Utility knife

Abstract: A tool, such as a utility knife, comprising an elongate sheath, alongitudinally reciprocatable blade shield coupled to the elongate sheath,and a blade retainer with a retaining arm for being removably andreplacably received in a channel within the elongate sheath. The bladeshield comprises a side member, such as an elongate panel, for allowing auser to see at least a portion of a retained razor blade even while theblade shield is in an extended position. A displaced smooth bulboussegment may serve to widen and smooth the blade shield adjacent to aretained razor blade.The blade retainer may be detachably fixed to the elongate sheath by atleast a first locking leg with a locking protuberance that engages acorresponding first locking aperture. The blade retainer may be formedfrom a first blade retainer half and a second blade retainer half. Eachblade retainer half may have a blade depression therein for retaining arazor blade. A scraper with a sharp edge may be operably associated withan exterior surface of the utility knife. The scraper may be extendibleand retractable. The elongate sheath may be widened by an ergonomic ridgeadjacent to an oblique engaging shoulder to increase the effective lengthof the oblique engaging shoulder.

Inventors: Sweet; Gary B. (Shrewsbury, MA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013