Patent Number: 6,308,423

Title: Cutting tool with an improved guide repositioning structure

Abstract: A reciprocating saw includes a hexagonal head bolt (11) for releasablytightening a guide shoe (6) and a manually-operated bolt-tightening lever(15) fitted over the bolt (11). The bolt-tightening lever (15) includes alock plate (17) which has at its front end a socket hole (22) that can fitaround the head (14) of the hexagonal head bolt (11) and has a serratededge with twelve notches each having an interior angle of 120 degrees. Thelock plate (17) has at its rear end four engaging teeth (23) at intervalsof four degrees around axis O of the hexagonal head bolt (11). The shapeof the outer portion (18) is such that the outer portion can cover thelock plate (17). Moreover, the outer portion (18) has on its top side acircular hole (24) in which the head (14) of the bolt (11) can be fitted.The outer portion (18) includes also on its top side a compensation recess(25) in which the lock plate (17) is set and can pivot sixteen degrees ineither direction about the axis O from the position in which the lockplate (17) is aligned with the outer portion (18). Formed at the rear endof the compensation recess (25) are a plurality of compensation teeth (26)that can mesh with the engaging teeth (23). The compensation teeth (26)span the 32 degree range in which the lock plate (17) pivots in the outerportion (18).

Inventors: Ono; Masahiko (Okazaki, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013