Patent Number: 6,308,435

Title: Process and facility for processing municipal waste combustion ash

Abstract: An enclosed drainage facility to dry municipal waste combustion ash has aplurality of spaced elongated channels to drain by gravity, water frompiles of ash into a disposal or reclamation pool. The channels are slopingconcrete ditches leading to a common trough or pipe to a covered storagebasin. Steel plates pierced with a plurality of spaced slender slits abuteach other to cover each channel. The atmosphere in the facility ischanged by being pumped into one side of the facility and exhaustedadjacent an opposite side. Also, a process for drying municipal wastecombustion ash includes dewatering and drying of ash piles in anatmosphere of warm dry air for a period of time necessary to reduce themoisture to about 28%.

Inventors: Arcaini; Gianni B. (Jacksonville, FL), Strach; Larry (Ponte Vedra, FL), Bruno; Nicholas (Red Lion, PA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013