Patent Number: 6,308,438

Title: Slipper sock moccasin and method of making same

Abstract: A slipper sock having improved wearer comfort and providing enhanced footprotection is described. The slipper sock includes a sock having thickenedpadded portions along the ball and heel portions, with a relativelythinner arch portion therebetween. The device also includes a footbedhaving a first receptacle for underlying the ball portion of the sock anda second receptacle for underlying the heel portion of the sock. Thefootbed further includes a lip surrounding substantially the entiredimension of each of the receptacles, and the footbed is positioned sothat the first receptacle matingly interfaces with the thickened ballportion of the sock and the second receptacle matingly interfaces with thethickened heel portion of the sock. The footbed also desirably includes atleast one cavity, with an insert having relatively less resistance tocompression than the footbed being positioned within the cavity. An outerlayer of leather or other durable material is secured about a lowersurface of the footbed, and side and instep portions of the sock, todefine the slipper portion of the slipper sock. The outer layer preferablyis constructed to provide a moccasin-like appearance.

Inventors: Throneburg; James L. (Lewisville, NC), Kravetz; Stanley I. (Andover, MA), Gallenstein; Victor J. (Maysville, KY)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013