Patent Number: 6,308,439

Title: Shoe sole structures

Abstract: A shoe sole particularly for athletic footwear for supporting the foot ofan intended wearer having multiple rounded bulges existing as viewed in afrontal plane of the sole during a shoe unloaded, upright condition. Thebulges include concavely rounded inner and outer portions forapproximating the structure of and support provided by the natural foot.When utilizing multiple bulges, the shoe sole may include indentationsbetween the bulges to define a flexibility axis of the shoe sole. Thebulges can be located proximate to important structural support areas ofan intended wearer's foot on either or both sides of the shoe sole or themiddle portion of the shoe sole, or on various combinations of theselocations. The bulges include side and upper midsole portions to improvestability while also improving cushioning and comfort. The bulges can betapered as viewed in a horizontal plane to improve flexibility and reduceunnecessary weight.

Inventors: Ellis, III; Frampton E. (Arlington, VA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013