Patent Number: 6,308,440

Title: Excavation attachment for powered loader

Abstract: An excavation attachment for a powered loader, e. g., skid steer loader,front end loader, etc., provides considerably greater leverage for removalof stumps, large imbedded concrete blocks and stones, etc., from theunderlying surface. The attachment includes a transverse cylinder or drumwith one or more tines extending generally radially therefrom. Theattachment is secured to a conventional front end loader, skid steerloader, etc., and the tines inserted beneath the object to be moved. Thedrum is lowered, and the attachment is rotated using conventional loadbucket tilt hydraulics. The drum serves as a fulcrum immediately adjacentthe prying tines, thereby providing a considerable increase in availableforce and precluding lifting of the opposite end of the machine if theload is too great. A second embodiment includes one or more hydraulicallyactuated tines opposed to the fixed tines, for use as a grappler device.

Inventors: Mueller; Marvin A. (Georgetown, TX)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013