Patent Number: 6,308,441

Title: Excavator

Abstract: A material handling vehicle is provided which includes a lower truckchassis and an upper material handling structure pivotally supported bythe lower chassis, all functions of which vehicle are driven by a singleengine. The material handling vehicle is controllable from a main truckcab on the truck chassis or from an upper operator's cab mounted on theupper structure. The single engine provides highway travel power and powerto all excavator functions, while the vehicle, including remote travel andimplement manipulation capabilities, may be controlled from the upperoperator cab. The main engine, when used for over-the-highway travel,powers the driven wheels through a manual transmission in a conventionalmanner. When at an excavating site and controlled from the upper cab, theengine, through a power takeoff on the front of the transmission connectedto the engine, drives a hydraulic pump which supplies hydraulic fluid topower the implement hydraulics and to drive a hydraulic drive motor inresponse to controls from the upper operator cab. The hydraulic drivemotor drives into a secondary power input on a rear portion of thetransmission to provide power through the transmission to the drivenwheels.

Inventors: Bolitho; Jack A. (Dennison, OH)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013