Patent Number: 6,308,461

Title: Method and system for detecting an object in the path of an automotive window utilizing a piezoelectric sensor

Abstract: A method and system for detecting the presence of an object caught between an automotive window and its respective frame is provided. The window opens and closes via a regulator driven by an electric drive motor. A force is sensed at an interface between the window and the regulator proportional to a force exerted on the window. This force is compared with a predetermined value, and if the sensed force exceeds the predetermined value, an object caught between the window and its respective door frame is detected.

Inventors: Hopson; Charles (Lebanon, TN), Davies; Timothy (Hermitage, TN), Kyrtsos; Christos (Southfield, MI), Tyckowski; Joseph (Clawson, MI), Bonduel; Pascal (Bouzy la Foret, FR), Breynaert; Francois (Caen, FR)

Assignee: Meritor Light Vehicle Systems, Inc.

International Classification: E05F 15/00 (20060101); E05F 015/02 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018