Patent Number: 6,308,463

Title: Hinge assembly and method of attachment for composite panel doors

Abstract: A door having a core made from a composite panel material such as mediumdensity fiberboard or particleboard is provided with a plurality of dowelswhich are secured, such as by an adhesive, within openings extending intothe core. The dowels and openings are positioned in alignment with thescrew holes in the hinges which mount the door to a jamb or cabinet.Screws or other fasteners extend through the screw openings in the hingesand are secured within the dowels. The dowels permit conventional woodscrews to be used to mount the hinges to the door and improve the screwholding capability of the door. The dowels also eliminate the need to useedge banding for screw holding purposes and thereby eliminate the problemsassociated with the joint formed between the edge banding and the corematerial.

Inventors: Bennett; Timothy J. (Springfield, MO)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013