Patent Number: 6,308,467

Title: Wall positioning and bracing apparatus and method

Abstract: A wall positioning and bracing method is disclosed. The method comprisesproviding a device comprising first and second elongated members, eachhaving proximal and distal ends, and being pivotally attached to oneanother at their proximal ends, such that the second elongated member ismovable into an open position, coextensive with the first elongatedmember; affixing the device to the floor of a building under constructionand to the upper end of a wall of a building under construction when thewall is lying flat on the floor of a building under construction; raisingthe wall so that the brace is in the open position and the first andsecond elongated members are coextensive, such that the wall is moved to aposition perpendicular to the floor; and securing the members in the openposition. The method permits a wall to be raised to and braced in aposition perpendicular to the floor.

Inventors: Timilty; Joseph Francis (Canton, MA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013