Patent Number: 6,308,468

Title: Earth anchor for supporting a pole

Abstract: An earth anchor for a pole that includes a base, a spike, and attachingapparatus. The base has a lowermost face for contacting the earth, anuppermost face opposite to the lowermost face, and a longitudinal axis.The spike is for insertion into the earth, and depends from the lowermostface of the base. The attaching apparatus is for engaging a pole, and isdisposed on the uppermost face of the base. The base is disk-shaped with acircular periphery for providing a blunt round edge that eliminatescorners when tipped on which a player could fall and be injured, and iswide for leaving enough room for the pole to still be pushed into theearth using foot pressure. The attaching apparatus includes a stop bossdisposed on the uppermost face of the base, along the longitudinal axis ofthe base, which centers the attaching apparatus for allowing the pole tohave identical stability in all directions. The attaching apparatusfurther includes a peg that extends coaxially upwardly from, and isnarrower than, the stop boss. The attaching apparatus further includes acoil spring for snugly receiving, and allowing 360 degrees of freedom for,the pole, and which extends coaxially-upwardly from, and with a portionthereof fitting snugly around, the peg, until the stop boss of theattaching apparatus. The attaching apparatus can include, in place of thestop boss, the peg, and the coils spring, a sleeve.

Inventors: Caruso; Anthony (Quakertown, PA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013