Patent Number: 6,308,471

Title: Underground below building bunker

Abstract: An underground below-building bunker has bunker quarters (1) positionedunder ground (2) below a dwelling-related structure (3), such as a garage,a room or a hallway of a dwelling (4). A floor-entry door (5) such as atrapdoor, horizontal slide door or other through-floor entry leads to avertical passageway (6) where a bunker door (7) provides entrance to astairway (8) or ladder (9) to a bunker floor (10). A buffer zone ofprotection is provided in the vertical passageway intermediate thefloor-entry door and the bunker door, which in combination provide apredetermined level of protection against foreseeable hazards. The groundbelow the dwelling-related structure has a depth at which enclosurestructure (12) of the bunker quarters can provide protection againstpredetermined hazards. Air vents (15, 17) into separate portions of thebunker quarters provide safety redundance of air from safe-air sources(19). Outside communication with preferably a wireless phone (21), lights(22), storage (23), water (24), food (25), sewage disposal (26) and otherfeatures are provided selectively.

Inventors: Raynor; Earlston (Deltona, FL)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013