Patent Number: 6,308,473

Title: Roof louver filter system

Abstract: A roof louver filter system for preventing snow from entering an attic of a building structure through a roof louver vent during inclimate weather conditions. The inventive device is comprised of an air permeable material that is formed into a U-shaped structure for being positioned within a roof louver. The U-shaped structure includes a front portion, a first side portion and a second side portion. The first side portion includes a first slanted edge and the second side portion includes a second slanted edge for conforming to the rear rim of the roof louver when installed. The inventive device is preferably constructed of a polyester fiber material thereby preventing water and insects from entering into the roof louver. The inventive device prevents snow from directly blowing into the attic of the building through the roof louver during inclimate weather conditions.

Inventors: Auck; Jamie (Underwood, ND)


International Classification: E04D 13/00 (20060101); E04D 13/17 (20060101); F24F 7/02 (20060101); F24F 007/02 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018