Patent Number: 6,308,491

Title: Structural insulated panel

Abstract: A generally planar structural insulated panel for building constructionincludes interior and exterior facings of weather resistant plasticimpregnated paper (PIP) disposed on opposed outer surfaces of an innerinsulating core such as of plastic foam or an agricultural product such aswheatboard or strawboard. Spaced elongated, linear studs are attached toeither the outer or inner surface of one or both of the PIP facings. Thespaced studs, which are preferably comprised of metal or wood, increasethe panel's strength, facilitate connecting the panel to a buildingstructure in a secure manner, and facilitate attachment of a structuralfacing such as of gypsum or cementous composite or exterior siding to thepanel. When attached to the inner surface of a PIP facing, the stud isdisposed in the panel's insulating core. When disposed on the outersurface of a PIP facing, the studs provide a gap between a PIP facing andan outer facing such as of exterior siding to allow for water drainage. Inone embodiment, slots are provided between the insulating core and theinterior and exterior facings on one or more edges of the panel or aboutthe entire periphery of the panel for receiving a metal C-shaped channel,or spline. The peripheral C-shaped channel substantially increases panelstrength, and facilitates connecting adjacent panels together as well asinstalling the panel in a building structure with or without the use of2.times. dimensional structural lumber.

Inventors: Porter; William H. (Saugatuck, MI)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013