Patent Number: 6,308,494

Title: Drug filling packaging and labeling machine

Abstract: A drug filling machine has a plurality of feeders containing a plurality ofdifferent kinds of drugs. A plurality of drugs are discharged from one orsome or the feeders into a vial. A sealing unit is provided for sealingthe mouth of the vial with a transparent sheet. The sealing unit includesa sheet presser for pushing the transparent sheet into the mouth of thevial to form a sealing sheet having a tray-shaped section, a cutter forcutting the transparent sheet into a predetermined shape, and a heater forfusing the transparent sheet to the top end of the vial to seal the mouthof the vial.

Inventors: Yuyama; Shoji (Toyonaka, JP), Hamada; Hiroyasu (Toyonaka, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013