Patent Number: 6,308,511

Title: Method and device for cooling guide vanes in a gas turbine plant

Abstract: The temperature can nowadays be reduced by about C. as a result of the cooling of the guide vane (15) of the first guide wheel. The many film bores leading outward from the guide vane (15) must therefore remain free of blockages or deposits caused by suspended matter in the cooling medium. Only pure gas must therefore be used as the cooling medium for the first guide wheel. This purpose is served by a dust separator which is designed advantageously as an axial cyclone (24, 24'). The latter has no moving structural parts, has a simple design, is therefore insusceptible to faults and can be exposed to high temperatures. The axial cyclone is a centrifugal deduster without gas stream reversal.

Inventors: Beeck; Alexander (Kussaberg, DE), Ferber; Jorgen (Kussaberg, DE), Keller; Jakob (late of Wohlen, CH)

Assignee: Asea Brown Boveri AG

International Classification: F01D 5/18 (20060101); F02C 7/18 (20060101); F02C 7/16 (20060101); F02C 007/12 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018