Patent Number: 6,308,512

Title: Supercharging system for gas turbines

Abstract: A supercharger for improving performance of a gas-turbine power plant athigh ambient temperatures. The supercharger comprises an auxiliary fanthat can pressurize air before it enters the gas turbine and means forlimiting turbine power output at lower ambient temperatures. The means forlimiting turbine power may include control over supercharging pressure,gas-turbine inlet air temperature, or burner exit temperature. Thesupercharger preferably also comprises cooling means located in the airstream between the auxiliary fan and the inlet to the turbine. The aircooler is preferably a direct evaporative cooler, but could also be anindirect evaporative cooler, a cooling coil with associated mechanical orabsorption refrigeration system, etc. The supercharger may also include abypass damper that allows air to move freely around the auxiliary fan whenthe fan is not operating. This supercharger is especially suitable forretrofit on existing gas-turbine power plants.

Inventors: Kopko; William L. (Springfield, VA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013