Patent Number: 6,308,538

Title: Method and apparatus for manufacturing individual wipers having finishededges

Abstract: A knitted web and a method for making the same includes a plurality ofwipers, each having a wiper body with a length defined between finishedleading and trailing edges and a width defined between opposed, selvagedside edges. The wipers are knitted with continuous yarns, including aprimary yarn and a reinforcing yarn, and a separable portion is knittedbetween individual wipers using a dissociable yarn. Loose primary andreinforcing yarns extending between wipers are cut and the dissociableyarn is removed from between the wipers to separate the web intoindividual wipers with edges that require no edge treatment to preventraveling.

Inventors: Wood; William T. (South Egremenont, MA), Forbes; Bradley L. (Housatonic, MA), Simmons, Jr.; Peter S. (Lee, MA), Fountain; Christopher J. (Housatonic, MA), O'Connell; John (Averill Park, NY), Romer; Richard H. (Nassau, NY)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013