Patent Number: 6,308,547

Title: Shaft straightening and hardening machine and workpiece holder therefor

Abstract: A shaft straightening and hardening machine, including a holder for ashaft-shaped workpiece, which can be pivoted around an axis which isessentially parallel to the axis of the workpiece. The machine includes acontrollable rotary drive for the holder and a coolant bath through whichthe holder passes as a part of its path of rotation. The holder includesat least one straightening mechanism, which is mounted at a specifiedpoint over the length of the workpiece and which acts radially upon theworkpiece and can be swung sideways from said workpiece for the purpose ofloading and unloading the workpiece. The holder includes several parallelstraightening shafts between which the workpiece can be inserted and fromwhich it can be removed. The end face of each straightening shaft is heldin a bearing bracket, and one of the straightening shafts can be swungradially sideways. The straightening shafts have radially protrudingprofiling that act as the straightening elements or mechanisms.

Inventors: Heess; Karl (Lampertheim-Hofheim, DE), Schweikert; Karlheinz (Buerstadt, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013