Patent Number: 6,308,569

Title: Micro-mechanical inertial sensors

Abstract: Micromechanical inertial sensors are formed of a plurality of substantially-planar semiconductor wafers interspersed with oxide layers. The sensitive element is located within an internal aperture of a wafer of the device and is separate therefrom. It is connected to an overlying oxide layer at pedestals that minimize contact area to thereby reduce stray capacitance. Portions of side edges of the various wafers are successively recessed to create topside-exposed wafer sections that permit the grounding of all exposed portions of the device as operational potentials are applied to internal electrodes and sensitive elements.

Inventors: Stewart; Robert E. (Woodland Hills, CA)

Assignee: Litton Systems, Inc.

International Classification: B81B 7/00 (20060101); G01P 1/02 (20060101); G01P 15/13 (20060101); G01P 15/08 (20060101); G01C 19/56 (20060101); G01P 1/00 (20060101); G01P 15/125 (20060101); G01P 015/125 (); G01C 019/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018