Patent Number: 6,308,587

Title: Actuator for vehicle-door locking mechanism

Abstract: An actuator for vehicle-door locking mechanism, includes a driving motor, afirst deceleration mechanism for decelerating a rotation of the drivingmotor, a lead screw to which the rotation of the driving motor istransmitted through the first deceleration mechanism, a nut member fittedon the lead screw and moved in an axial direction of the lead screw inaccordance with a rotation of the lead screw, an output mechanism forcausing a door locking mechanism to perform one of a locking operation andan unlocking operation in association with the movement of the nut member,a second deceleration mechanism for decelerating a rotation of the leadscrew, and an automatic bidirectional-returning mechanism to which therotation of the lead screw is transmitted through the second decelerationmechanism, the automatic bidirectional-returning mechanism including asingle home-returning coil spring for automatically returning the nutmember to an initial position after the output mechanism performs one ofthe locking operation and the unlocking operation.

Inventors: Shinkawa; Masaki (Yamato, JP), Tanaka; Yutaro (Tokyo, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013