Patent Number: 6,308,590

Title: Handlebar device

Abstract: A handlebar device which engages the inside of a handlebar and has an enlarged end with a perimeter that is greater than the handlebar grip so that the user can push against the device with the side of their hand or pull on the device by grabbing onto the enlarged end. The device is anchored inside the handlebar by a cam system and a threaded fastener. The device can have an illumination element therein for providing additional lighting for the vehicle.

Inventors: Berto; Joseph (Shady Cove, OR)


International Classification: B62K 21/26 (20060101); B62K 21/00 (20060101); B62K 21/12 (20060101); B62K 021/12 (); B62K 021/26 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018