Patent Number: 6,308,593

Title: Apparatus for adjusting tie rod

Abstract: In a tie rod adjusting apparatus which adjusts a tie rod of a steeringmechanism for steering a front wheel of a motor vehicle, an open endwrench is supported by a supporting mechanism which has a freedom of fouraxes so as to be movable in the vehicle width direction and the vehiclelongitudinal direction, tiltable in the vehicle width direction, andtiltable about an axial line (U-axis) which extends longitudinally alongthe length of the open end wrench. A tilting member of the supportingmechanism for tilting in the vehicle width direction is supported by aguide rail which is arcuate with the top end portion of the open endwrench serving as a center of arc. By the arcuate movement of the tiltingmember along the guide rail, the open end wrench is tiltable in thevehicle width direction without deviating the top end portion thereof inthe vehicle width direction.

Inventors: Shibayama; Takao (Saitama-ken, JP), Osada; Atsushi (Tochigi-ken, JP), Maruo; Masaru (Tochigi-ken, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013