Patent Number: 6,308,605

Title: Crosscutter for web materials

Abstract: A crosscutter for web materials, particularly paper, has a cutter shaft(13), which comprises a light metal cutter block (19) and a steel shaftend (14). The latter comprises a bearing (12) and drive (17)-receivingspigot and a flange (16), which is connected by means of a positive andnonpositive connection to the cutter block. For nonpositive connectionpurposes threaded bolts (35) are inserted in bushes (33), which arescrewed and bonded into corresponding cutter block recesses. In addition,a reamed bolt connection is provided.

Inventors: Rau; Jurgen (Bempflingen, DE), Klein; Hansjorg (Aichwald, DE)


International Classification:

Expiration Date: 10/32013