Patent Number: 6,308,608

Title: Dust suppression

Abstract: A method for suppressing raising of dust as a result of firing a projectilefrom a barrel of a weapon, wherein the dust is raised by a shock waveexiting the barrel, the method comprising reducing an exit pressure ofgases of an explosive charge exiting the barrel. There is also disclosed aweapon including a barrel with a barrel bore formed therethrough, thebarrel bore having a longitudinal axis, and a barrel extension elementextending from and in fluid communication with the barrel bore, the barrelextension element having a barrel extension bore formed therethrough,wherein a plurality of gas exit holes are formed on sides of the barrelextension element, the gas exit holes being non-symmetrical with respectto a horizontal plane which passes through the longitudinal axis.

Inventors: Eisenman; Moshe (Kiryat Telz Stone, M.P. Harei Yehuda 90838, IL)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013