Patent Number: 6,308,614

Title: Actuator device

Abstract: An actuator device includes a housing having a bore and an internal movingbody movable within the bore in the direction along the center axis of thebore. The housing is composed of two housing members which divide thehousing along the center axis. An inner surface which forms a part of thewall of the bore and two slit surfaces on both sides of the inner surfaceare formed on each of the housing members. When two housing members arecoupled to each other by fastening the longitudinal portions of thehousing members by end members, two slits extending along the entirelength of the housing are defined by the slit surfaces of two housingmembers. Since the respective housing members have relatively simple crosssectional shapes, the housing members can be easily produced, by anextrusion process or a drawing process, at low cost. Further, since twoslits are provided on the housing, an external moving body can beconnected to the internal moving body by two driving members. Thus, theexternal force exerted on the external moving body is distributed to twodriving members, whereby the strength of the actuator device is increased.

Inventors: Noda; Mitsuo (Ichinomiya, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013