Patent Number: 6,308,619

Title: Web-fed rotary printing press with apparatus for diverting a wet printed web

Abstract: A lithographic web-fed rotary printing press (1) comprises an apparatus (8a, 8b, 8c, 8d) for diverting a wet printed web (4), e. g. in order to pass it around a downstream printing unit (2b) of the press (1). Each diverting apparatus (8a, 8b, 8c, 8d) includes a diverting roll (I 2) having a hydrophilic surface, to which water solution 14, preferably dampening solution, as it is used in dampening systems of a lithographic rotary printing press, is supplied by a spray nozzle arrangement (22), or by an applicator roller (16) which is in contact with a pan roller (20) for transferring the water solution (14) from a reservoir (18).

Inventors: Dawley; David Robert (Rochester, NH)

Assignee: Heidelberger Drukmaschinen AG

International Classification: B41F 22/00 (20060101); B65H 23/26 (20060101); B65H 23/04 (20060101); B41F 005/16 (); B41F 001/10 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018