Patent Number: 6,308,621

Title: Roller bearing lubrication system and method

Abstract: The bearing lubrication system for a cylinder in a printing machine pumpsoil from the driving gear side to the roller bearing. The gear side has agear box and an oil sump with a supply of lubricating oil. An oil loopconnects the bearing housing with the gear box fluidically via dry quickdisconnects. The dry disconnects allow quick removal of the printingmachine cylinder for maintenance or for print job retrofitting. As theprinting machine cylinder rotates (it is driven from the gear box), oil ispumped from the gear box into the bearing housing. The bearing is thuslubricated and cooled. The oil is discharged from the bearing housing andreturned to the gear box sump.

Inventors: Douillard; Gerald Roger (Dover, NH), Lapine; Eric Michael (Dover, NH), Lemlin; Michael Robert (Dover, NH)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013