Patent Number: 6,308,626

Title: Convertible media dryer for a large format ink jet print engine

Abstract: The apparatus of the present invention increases the operating envelope forlarge format thermal ink jet printing via a directed fluid flow fromspecially-designed orifices which promote fluid flow on a printed surfaceadjacent a printing zone in a large format ink jet printer where inaddition to the optimized fluid flow one or more heating elements areinserted directly into the fluid flow to thereby promote drying of saidprinted surface. In one embodiment, a single dual-duct plennum spans thewidth of a roll-fed large format ink jet print engine and a first ductdistributes heated air downward (in the direction of media web movement)and a second duct evacuates a printing space so that any potentiallyharmful ink vapors or other air-borne contaminant is appropriately fluidlycoupled to either a remote exhaust vent or vapor capture vessel.

Inventors: Crystal; Kevin R. (Chanhassan, MN), Bigaouette; Richard Joseph (Chaska, MN)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013