Patent Number: 6,308,627

Title: Method for removing and inserting a cleaning device, respectively, into andout of a printing machine, and a printing machine for performing themethod

Abstract: A method for removing a cleaning device from a printing machine and forinserting the cleaning device or another cleaning device into the printingmachine, the inserted cleaning device being secured in position in theprinting machine by a fixing device, includes opening a protectivecovering of the printing machine and automatically inactivating the fixingdevice by the opening of the protective covering, removing the cleaningdevice from the printing machine through an opening in the printingmachine exposed by the protective covering, inserting the respectivecleaning device into the printing machine, and closing the protectivecovering and automatically activating the cleaning device by the closingof the protective covering, so that the inserted cleaning device issecured in the inserted position thereof; and a printing machine forperforming the method.

Inventors: Konig; Werner (Mannheim, DE), Kundgen; Rolf (Eppelheim, DE), Merkel; Gerd (Dielheim, DE), Sitzmann; Bernd (Heidelberg, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013